Universidad de Concepción - CHILE



The quality of Postgraduate Education of the University of Concepcion has been defined as a fundamental and distinguishing requirement in the national university system. In this context, the university policy is mainly designed to ensure that its development is accompanied by an identifying quality, both national and international. This quality is guaranteed by the accreditation of the programs.

The consolidation of the Postgraduate Education at the University of Concepcion includes the incorporation of highly productive teaching staff in the research area. All the activities in the Faculty are adapted to the advancement of each program.

At present there are more than 1,600 postgraduate students taking any of the 23 doctorate programs, 49 master programs and 34 health specialties run at University of Concepción. CONAP (National Postgraduate Accreditation Commission) has accredited 18 doctoral programs and 18 master’s programs.

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