Universidad de Concepción - CHILE

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

As of 1998 to date, the University of Concepcion has already developed 4 series of strategic plans. The strategic plan currently in force belongs to the period 2006-2010; its main characteristic is that it has been developed under a plan of second generation. This means that it was made with management indicators which are permanently measured and monitored. This allows an effective assessment of the achievement of the proposed strategic objectives and, at the same time, allows making opportune decisions when there are deviations from the plan.

The present plan is organized on the basis of the defined areas for the institutional accreditation processes in the country, known as sphere of activities. Objectives, strategies, actions and indicators have been established for each one of these spheres.

In the context of implementing and monitoring the plan, the University of Concepcion established for each indicator, institutional goals to attain to 2010. At the same time, each Faculty needed to define annual goals along with its internal units: Departments, Degree Courses and Postgraduate Programs. This process has included the annual evaluation of the established goals, besides the respective definition of the associated action plans.

At present, the University is developing a new updating process of the Institutional Strategic Plan.

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