Universidad de Concepción - CHILE

Innovation and Development


IdeaIncuba Business Incubator is a High Technology Corporation University of Concepción, under the Research Directorate whose mission is to create companies, businesses and services in various areas of knowledge, based on developments made by university researchers, works of degree, thesis and student projects and technological innovations and developments from the external sector, both freelancers and companies. This has a specially equipped infrastructure, which is located within the University Campus Design.

IdeaIncuba's commitment to provide possibilities for enterprising people who have good ideas for possible projects, but lack the capacity to carry out its business, either for lack of funding, infrastructure, lack of technical, management , etc., can become real entrepreneurs.

UdeC IIT, Institute for Technological Research, is the Management Unit of the Faculty of Engineering, Unversity of Concepción, founded in 1948 to train and technologically assist public and private companies, national and international levels.

Through its management contributes to improving productivity and competitiveness by providing tools for efficient resource management, integrating knowledge and innovative techniques in various fields of engineering, technology transfer, ensuring standards and meet international quality standards, environment and social responsibility.

Technology Development Unit (UDT) is an R & D under the Directorate of Research of the University of Concepción, whose field is applied research and development of technological innovations.

In 2007, UDT achieved an important recognition by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, being one of eight national institutions to be favored by the Basal Financing Program, which supports Science and Technology Centers of Excellence ( CCTE). The initiative was presented with five academics from the Faculties of Engineering and Pharmacy at the University of Concepción, who are the Principal Investigators of the new CCTE-UDT.

The Center for Training and Learning Resources is a unit designed to promote, create and develop Information Technology and Communication (TIC) having as a vision to become a landmark in its application to education through upgrading, generation, dissemination and transfer knowledge, and be guided as an advisory body to the external environment.

Supporting different levels and processes of university work with leading-edge solutions in information and communication technologies, making a significant contribution to the development of the institution in terms of innovation and quality.