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The University of Concepción available to Internet users www.udec.cl (or PORTAL, PORTAL UDEC), for free. However, some of the contents are for the exclusive use of students, teachers and university officials, who enter through an identification and security code.

Access and / or use of the PORTAL UDEC is completely voluntary and attribute to do so the condition of USER. Each user agrees, from the moment you access, without any reservation, the content of these "General Conditions" and, where appropriate, the "Special Conditions" that can complement, replace or modify in some respects relation to the services and portal content. Therefore, the user must read carefully and others before access and use of any service PORTAL, at your own risk.

The University of Concepción reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, modify or delete the content, structure, design, services and conditions of access and / or use of this site, whenever appropriate. The benchmark information is required by law.

  • General Conditions - User Responsibility

The user undertakes to use the services and content that provides the PORTAL under the current legislation and the principles of good faith and generally accepted customs and not contravene with his performance over the Web, morality, public order or safety national. Therefore, any use is prohibited or unlawful purposes or prevent harm, damage and / or overload, in any form, normal use and operation of the PORTAL or directly or indirectly infringe the same or any third party.

The User will not transmit through the site, anything that undermines the values and dignity, according to national and international standards to protect the rights of individuals.
It also prohibits the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means and in any form, the contents of the PORTAL (text, graphics, charts, reports, databases, audio and / or image, logo , etc.) unless previously authorized by the legal owner or where indicated in the same place or permitted by law.
It is prohibited also on the content detailed above, any advertising or commercial use, other than strictly allowed, if necessary, and violations in general, of any right arising from them.

The user is solely responsible for the use of this site and compliance with these general conditions in its entirety. Accordingly, the USER agrees to keep secret the nature of confidential and privileged information, access codes, passwords or similar codes assigned for accessing the PORTAL or any of its services, be liable for any damages of any nature arising from misuse by themselves or by others, both against the same user, considering it as a result of negligence, such as those that may suffer the University of Concepción as a result of breach of these CONDITIONS.

Any violation of these Terms and Conditions may result in court procedures or civil or criminal match against the user.

  • Warranties and Liability

- Lack of availability, continuity, access, maintenance and effective operation of the website and / or its services and updating, accuracy, completeness, relevance, timeliness and reliability of its content, whatever the cause, and any difficulties or technical problems or other nature in which these events are caused.

- Establishment of hyperlinks to web pages on the site or for services, products, programs, or similar content offered on the site, portal or other platforms from which the hyperlink occurs.

- In particular, Universidad de Concepción is not responsible for violations or breaches of the laws, usages or customs in force concerning intellectual property rights, industrial property, trade secrets or contractual rights of privacy, honor, property, advertising, competition , image, among others, of others.
The transmission and / or existence of viruses, other harmful elements or programs for the user equipment that may affect them, because of access, use or consideration of the site or produce changes in electronic documents or files.

- The illicit, negligent, fraudulent, impersonates another person or otherwise the content of these general conditions, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order, the web site, its services and content, by USERS.

- Defects or deficiencies in the content and / or services that are accessed through the PORTAL UDEC.

- The reception, storage, retrieval, distribution or transmission by users, PORTAL UDEC content.

- For the knowledge of any information they may possess or use unauthorized third parties of the characteristics and circumstances of use of content and services by UDEC PORTAL USERS.

- For any failure by third parties of their obligations under or incurred in connection with the services provided to users through UDEC PORTAL, as well as the lack of quality, reliability, suitability for the offer, legality, usefulness and availability services provided by third parties and made available to users on this website.

The above list is merely declarative character and, in any case, not exclusive in any of its points. In all cases, Universidad de Concepción EXCLUDES ANY LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE ARISING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM ANY SUCH OTHER AND UNSPECIFIED similar characteristics.